Services we offer at Comercial ATEX

Services we offer at Comercial ATEX

Technical advice and integral design of the projects

Technical advice and integral design of the projects. As a preventive measure, technical advice is also carried out on the installations already existing in your company.

Full advice on everything related with ATEX regulations

Complete advice on atex regulations about filtration and suction systems.

Analysis of all kinds of dust types to see the explosivity category

Analysis of all types of dust to see what category of explosive has, to know what type of equipment to install and which marked assign.

Installation and assembly of filtration equipment

For the dust air filtration equipment that we sell,  we offer a complete installation and assembly service.

Installation of electrical cabinets

Installation of electrical cabinets with variator and pressure probe in installations, to generate a constant savings in your electric bill.

Pipe network installation

Network installation of suction and / or ventilation pipes. Stainless steel or galvanized pipe.

Put our installations to work

Put our installations to work. We fix all the initial preparations so that the projects we design begin to work correctly.

Industrial hoses sale

Sale of industrial hose with applications for water and air. Permanent stock of 100% polyurethane PU hose with copper-plated steel spiral for the transport of dust, shavings and abrasive material.

Periodic, punctual, preventive and corrective maintenance

Periodic or punctual maintenance. preventive and corrective. For much less money than you can imagine, in Comercial Atex we detect and anticipate breakdowns that can cause a greater expense, or a stop in production becoming incalculable the lost value. Main problems that we solve: condition in which the bags or cartridges are found, operation of all the components, replacement of the lock blades, damage of motors and balances, change of rubber tires, replacement of vent panels that no longer comply with its anti explosion function, replacement of hoses or cartridges.

Distribution & / or integral service for protection against explosions

Distribution and / or Integral Service for explosion protection of industrial vacuum equipment, such as flame off, suppression systems, barrier detectors, particle detector, vent panels, etc.

Distribution & / or integral service of filter equipment accessories

Distribution & / or Integral service of dust filtration equipment accessories from different national and international suppliers: cages with venturi, filtering bags, silo doors, discharge sacks, filling sensor with light and acoustic warning, etc.

After-sales service, a specialized technician will attend you any day of the week

After sales service, a specialized technician will attend you any day of the week. We strive to provide a professional and close service to our customers beyond the initial acquisition. Time is vital, so we take care of solving any incident as quickly as possible, either at your plant or through remote assistance. We have a team of professionals, with more than 20 years of experience, prepared to meet and cover any technical need.