Distributors of sleeves and filter bags of excellent quality that guarantees absolute tightness, high efficiency in the retention of particles and obtaining pure final products thanks to the high quality fabrics used and to the finishes by thermo welding, with joints reinforced by ultrasound.

ADVANTAGES Eco-Efficiency

  • High air permeability
  • Diversity of finishes according to objectives
  • Water-repellent, ATEX, antistatic, conductive fabrics
  • Easy installation
  • Optimization and control of emissions.
  • Diversity of measures
  • Easy to clean fabrics and rapid release of particles: There is a wide variety of fabrics. The final choice should always be based on an objective of eco-efficiency of the filtering system.


In some occasions and with the aim of avoiding the use of the interior cage, the manufacturer places filter bags with built-in rings on his filter that make the same help function that the cage would do in the cleaning system and in the aspiration.


  • Change of filter material from any filter manufacturer: cartridges, sleeves, filter bags. * We do not manage the recovery or management of the replaced elements (waste) there are companies specialized in this. It is a specialist team of our company, responsible for making these changes. This supposes an important saving in time and, especially, a total guarantee of operation of the installation once finalized the process of change. In addition, this service includes a filter revision to detect possible anomalies.

We have a wide database with the measurements and characteristics of the sleeves of the main filter manufacturers.

The most common are:

Filters Atex Filtración,

Filters Cotino,

Filters Cattin (before Cattinair)

  • Change of filter material in Atex filtration filters.
  • Offers when contracting with us the Supply and Assembly of the Filtering Sleeves of any Industrial Filter.
  • Analysis of the sleeves used: This analysis discovers the performance and the real functioning of a filter bag, that is to say the why and how it acts (or stops acting) in the filtering installation, beyond its commercial virtues. In the case of new sleeves it is useful as a prescriber. In the case of used sleeves, as a rectifier. In certain circumstances, the cost of the analysis is compensated with a discount on request.

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