More than 20 years as an
industrial filtration and aspiration company in Spain

We are a Valencian company dedicated to the distribution and installation of filtration systems, aspiration and paint booths, specialists in explosive atmospheres. Our largest capital, a group of people with extensive experience in each of the fields in which we have incidence, from assemblies, technical staff, sales team, to our after-sales service. 

In Comercial ATEX we specialize in the needs of aspiration, filtration and paint booths for companies from different sectors, such as tile factories, agri-food industry, automotive industry, cement industry, chemical industry, tanning industry, metallurgical industry, naval industry, furniture and wood industry, plastics industry, paper industry, paints and varnishes, recycling of rubbish, giving solution to the problems of filtering, aspiration and paint booth, among others, that your company may have, as well as maintenance of existing facilities. 

We also have resources and qualified personnel that allows us to deal with any aspiration, filtration and paint booth projects, taking maximum care of the quality levels, both in the installation and in the service. Our job is to market any system of Aspiration and Filtration, consisting of the transport of dust by aspiration for subsequent filtration, separating the contaminant and letting the clean air pass to the outside, using the appropriate medium depending on the characteristics of the powder. These characteristics that condition the medium to be used to eliminate the polluting agent in the work and production area, are classified according to the spectrum of granulate or medium granulate (dk50), the apparent density, the degree of humidity, the temperature and other characteristics specials (such as hygroscopicity, abrasiveness, fluidisability).