Regulation of suction installations. Incorporating necessary control and regulation elements to achieve considerable energy savings during the daily operation of the suction installation. This translates directly into significant savings in the user’s electric bill. Adjusting the consumption in kW of the fan to the work demand of the other machines, amortizable in less than 1 year.


We offer new energy efficiency technologies for current industrial facilities. Optimization of the electrical resources used, reducing energy consumption, increasing efficiency, minimizing expenses and obtaining the same final result without reducing quality. 

We give our clients specialized advisory services, innovative solutions and integral solutions, within the field of saving and energy efficiency.


  • Reduction of the maintenance cost, due to less deterioration of the transmission elements, belts and bearings
  • Increase in the life of motors and fans
  • Increase in engine power factor (greater than 95%)
  • Reduction of noise that decreases with speed by an exponential factor
  • Possibility of monitoring the parameters of the process, energy, pressure and flow, as well as establishing an operating schedule adjusted to the work schedule
  • We have qualified personnel

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